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Gas prices jump again despite Marathon Oil gaining big profit

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A report, just released by Marathon on Wednesday, said profits are up significantly from last year.

"I'm not happy, probably like anyone else who has to pay gasoline prices," said Jim Krautz of Charleston.  "But I understand there are variable factors that go into those prices going up."

Factors like crude oil prices, refining costs, distribution costs, and taxes all play into the price you pay at the pump.

Jim Ross of The State Journal said, if you take it as a percentage of what you pay at the pump, in terms of profit, they make a lot more money inside the store, the cigarettes, the alcohol, the candy, the chips, that they do on the outside of the store at the pump."

Beverly Thornton is from Putnam County.  

She said, "What about me?  What is causing it in the industry to roll down to the person at the gas tank trying to fill up their car to get to work every day?

Many are even flocking to car dealer ships where they can find models with better fuel efficiency so they don't have to shell out so much at the pump.

Thornton is a nurse at CAMC Memorial.  

She drives from Putnam County to the hospital everyday.  She says it's just become too much.  

"I just looked at a hybrid vehicle because I do have a long distance to drive everyday.  Gas is up and down all the time," said Thornton.  "Actually I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and it's going to save a lot."
After a twenty cent jump in one day, many say they're just ready for a little relief.


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