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Charles March sentenced to life in prison without mercy

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A judge sentenced Charles March to life in prison without mercy on Thursday in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

Charles March admitted to strangling, dismembering, and murdering Kathy Goble in 2010.

March and Goble worked together at Kelley's Men's Shop on Charleston's West Side.

Goble was reported missing for nearly two years until investigators found her remains buried in March's backyard in Chesapeake in 2012.

"Your monstrous acts are, in fact, the pure definition of evil," said Judge Duke Bloom, who decided not to grant March mercy.

The hearing started with a debate about whether to show graphic pictures of Goble's remains to the public. The judge asked the prosecution team to withhold one particularly gruesome photo.

A anthropological expert from the Smithsonian Institute testified on behalf of the prosecution team, claiming that March used two saws to dismember Goble, even though investigators only recovered one.

March refused to watch the slide show that documented the evidence of his crime. The pictures showed where investigators uncovered her body, as well as incisions made to her body.

"He described in detail just how the body was dismembered, the process, the order it was done, and the manner it was done, and I think that goes into the exact intent of this crime," said Mark Plants, prosecuting attorney for Kanawha County.

But March's defense team argued for several minutes, begging the judge to give the 61-year -old man mercy, or the chance to one day leave prison.

"He has a conscience, and I submit that anyone who has a conscience is capable of being rehabilitated," said March's defense attorney.

Then with tears in his eyes, March addressed the court himself in one of his longest public statements to date.

"I will live with this guilt for as long as I live," March said. "I don't know how long I will live or whether I will ever see the outside world again.... Maybe some day, in some other world, she will find it in her heart to forgive me."

A spokesperson for the Goble family said they were satisfied with March's sentence.

"Of course it's the news we had hoped for, it's the outcome we had all hoped for," said Billy Herrald, a friend of the Goble family. "He will not see the light of day outside prison for the rest of his life."


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