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Watch the Super Bowl Live Online

CBS is offering a huge second-screen experience to everyone watching the big game this Sunday.

The CBS live stream of the Super Bowl is more than just a live stream.

You'll be able to watch Super Bowl 47 from your computer, laptop or any mobile device.  Not only will you be able to watch it, you can control the game like a DVR.  You can pause and rewind the game at your convenience.

The most exciting function for the CBS Super Bowl 47 video player is you'll be able to choose your own camera angles.  CBS will be providing over 20 different camera angles for you to watch the game from.  Don't like the angle of the game being streamed, or want to watch the game on the big screen and check out a different angle on your mobile device?  You have the freedom to select your own view.

As the plays unfold, you'll be able to keep up to date with live stats.  You'll also be able to keep up with everyone on social media through the video player.

Are you watching the game for the commercials?  Then the video player is perfect for you as well.  The video player will feature an updating gallery of Super Bowl commercials.  After a commercial airs, you'll be able to replay it from the video player.

Users can also watch the half time show with Beyonce from the live stream player.

So you're excited for the "second-screen" experience and you're wondering how you can prepare for the big game?  Easy.

If you plan on experiencing this on a PC, laptop or tablet, simply go to our Super Bowl XLVII page and click on the purple "Watch now on" box.  A new window will open with the live stream player.

If you're on a mobile device and want to access this from your mobile phone, or tablet, you can download our mobile news app.  From there, scroll down on the initial screen and select the "Super Bowl 47" block.

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