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Kanawha County mother says bus driver put her son's life in danger

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The mother of a five year old boy said he could have been seriously hurt when he jumped from a school bus.


Kanawha County Schools Transportation Director George Beckett isn't disputing the story.


Now against the mother's wishes the driver is back on the job.


Sarah Duncan said she couldn't believe it when her babysitter sent her a text saying that her son's bus driver was back on the job. She said officials didn't go far enough to protect her son Ethan and others.


Ethan loves going to school. But several days ago he had a frightening incident while getting off the bus. He jumped from the second step of the bus while the bus was leaving. The bus driver did not see him.


"When I was on the middle step he started moving and I had to jump," Ethan said.


Beckett wouldn't elaborate about what punishment if any the bus driver received because it is a personnel matter.


"Her son was on the bus and did jump from the second step," Beckett said. "Ethan did not exit the bus with the other kids at his stop. He held back. The bus driver was watching the other kids cross the road to help them get across safely. He did not see Ethan."


Ethan's babysitter was waiting for him that day. She saw all of the other kids getting off the bus but she didn't see him. That was until she looked under the bus and saw his legs near the back tires as the bus started to take off. She said she was terrified.


"When I was trying to get around he started moving and almost ran me over with the back tire," Ethan described.


The area along the side of the bus stop where Ethan was standing is narrow with very little room between the hillside and the road.




"He doesn't need to be driving a child, much less a school bus full of them when he is too careless to see a child beside of him," Sarah Duncan said regarding the bus driver, whose name has not been released.



"It was a mistake. The driver is aware. The matter has been taken care of. The bus driver should have caught it but didn't. The bus driver is concerned about what happened and will be paying closer attention in the future," Beckett said Tuesday.


Sarah Duncan said she noticed that the bus driver was off of the route for a week but he was back behind the wheel Monday.


Beckett said he is confident that Ethan and other children riding the bus are safe.


"When you have 60 or 70 kids on one bus it is a big responsibility for one person.  The county has 160 regular bus drivers that transport 20,000 kids a day and overall they do a fantastic job," Beckett said.

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