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Charleston investigators use their own cameras to solve crimes

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You see them everywhere, from buildings to traffic poles.

"The technology has been very helpful and video doesn't lie," said Lt. Steve Cooper.

Charleston police investigators are using surveillance video to solve crimes with their own cameras watching. Remember this stabbing outside club impulse? The incident was captured on a camera that belongs to the Charleston Police Department.

"It was invaluable in this case," said Lt. Cooper.

Some like the idea of an eye in the sky, others do not.

"They are popping up at traffic lights and all around all the buildings and it's kind of a little unnerving," said Allen Atkins.

"I don't have a problem with it," said Mark David Du Bois.

Several cameras are placed throughout the city but the video is not constantly monitored, it is only looked at when a crime occurs.

"As far as monitoring the day-to-day activities of law abiding citizens, we don't do that," said. Lt. Cooper.

Lt. Cooper said the department is open to any technology that can help keep you safe. He said are doing just that.

Investigators said they only put the cameras up in high crime areas.

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