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Damage to cars by potholes sometimes covered by city

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Roy Johnson lives just at 25th Street and 13th Ave. in Huntington, and says the potholes get deeper each year.

"This one's never been touched," says Johnson, as he points at a hole in front of his home.

He calls this area atop the hill an obstacle course, because of potholes and a manhole which is covered with a construction cone.

He has heard that in some cases, the city picks up the bill on damage done to cars by potholes.

He heard right.

We visited with Huntington's Director of Street Maintenance, Joe Day, who was overseeing maintenance crews on 4th Street.

"We've had claims turned in because of popped tires or damaged rims," says Day.

When a pothole damage claim is submitted, Day and his crews investigate, and turn over findings to the city's legal department.

He says "In some cases, yes, [the city pays for damages].

A claim is more likely to end with the city paying the bill if the street has not been well maintained for years on end, as opposed to a street that has been consistently repaired.

"It's getting worse across the road," says Roy Johnson as he points to holes near his driveway. "It's been there for three or four years."

So far, this year, Joe Day and his crews have not had to investigate any of these types of claims.

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