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People worried about apartment building after 9 arrested in meth bust

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Nine people are in jail following a major meth bust that's becoming a big problem in one town.

Jashad Ruleford said the people living in the apartment above him were always pretty noisy.

"The people upstairs just partied a lot. I don't know if they really had jobs," he said.

He knew something was wrong when undercover police officers swarmed a house-turned-apartments on Elm Street late Thursday night.

The Special Enforcement Unit with the Charleston Police Department spoke exclusively to 13 News about what officers found inside.

"Inside, we found numerous meth making materials, an active meth lab, marijuana, and one hand gun," said Sgt. Bobby Eggleton, Commander of the SEU.

They said Lawson Moss was making meth right in front of their eyes.   Officers also arrested the other six people inside of apartment #5, who they said were also cooking meth.

Courtney Ferrill, Joseph Myers, Tara Phillips, Natalie Brown, Sara Byrd, and Richard Cruz were all placed in handcuffs right outside of Ruleford's window.

This was the second complaint the SEU had received about this particular apartment.  The last time it was under surveillance, officers did not witness any suspicious activity.

"It's just a bad situation, you know from missing work and trying to celebrate Valentine's Day night with my boo; and having to come out here and having people getting arrested and finding out that there's a meth lab in your apartment building is pretty crushing," Ruleford said.

Riley Mitchell and Michael Moss were also arrested after they left the apartment that was under surveillance. Detectives followed the pair after they made their way onto I-64.   Detectives conducted a routine traffic stop on them and found meth making materials in their car, according to authorities.

Investigators said meth might be making a comeback in this town, and they aren't going to put up with it.

On Thursday night, Charleston authorities received three meth related calls.

"Did we run it off for a while? Sure. But, you know, all we do is we just run it from one place to the other. It looks like we are going to step up our activities to control it again," Eggleton said.

Now Ruleford is looking for news places to live in case his building is condemned by the city of Charleston.

City officials said an environmental testing agency is going to test all of the rooms in the house to see if they are safe to live in.

From there, the city will decide whether or not the apartments inside can be saved. If the apartments cannot be saved, the building will be condemned.

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