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Horse buried, another recovering, after incident near St. Albans

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A trail of blood is all that remains after a scene that left one horse dead and another injured near Saint Albans.

"They were sweet horses and people would bring their kids up and they'd pet 'em and eat carrots out of their hands, and they were beautiful horses," said Roginia Dailey, who lived next door to where the horses lived.

Dailey called 9-1-1 when she heard gun shots early Sunday morning.

Deputies responded to a call about shots fired on Lower Falls Road. That's where they issued a citation to Delmar Dean Lacy II, who neighbors said fired the shots.

"The citation was for firing a gun 500 feet within a dwelling," said Cpl. Brian Humphreys with the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department. "They found a pile of cases from what's believed to be an AR-15 type rifle on his property."

Cpl. Humphreys added the weapon was surrounded by more than 30 shell casings.

Deputies wrote Lacy a citation for a misdemeanor, but Sunday was not the 39-year-old's first brush with the law.

In 2012, Lacy was charged with obstructing an officer, according to records from the Kanawha County Circuit Court.

Later on Sunday, deputies returned to the same area for another call. They discovered a horse had been shot dead while another was injured.

Deputies continue to investigate what happened.

"'It's believed the incidents are linked, and we expect additional charges to be filed," Cpl. Humphreys said.

Neighbors said the whole town loved the two horses.

"They were her babies and she's distraught over it," said Dailey, referring to her next-door neighbor. Dailey lived next to the parcel of land where the horses lived.

13NEWS caught up with Cheyenne, the horse that survived.

Gary Medley owns Honeysuckle Farms in Tornado, where Cheyenne was brought to recover. Medley owns a stable where he's dealt with horse rescue cases for years. He also owned the mare before selling her to her present owners.

Medley said a bullet traveled through Cheyenne's neck but she is recovering swimmingly.

"This horse is lucky," Medley said.

The mare is nine months pregnant, according to Medley. She will give birth in two to three months and the colt should be fine.

Medley said Cheyenne will recover within two to three months, but he's noticed she's very sad.

"She lived with that other horse. That was her companion," Medley said. "And I think she's been really, really depressed."

Medley buried the other horse, Big Red, on his farm on Monday.

Medley valued Big Red at approximately $2,500 and Cheyenne at $2,000, according to Cpl. Humphreys in a press release Monday.

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