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School prompts controversy for labeling kids obese

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Most parents want their kids to do their best in school. When they bring home their report card, good grades are usually something to celebrate.

But parents in one Massachusetts community were outraged when their children brought home a letter addressing their weight. It happened in North Andover and has been making national headlines.

The distinction was based on the body mass index scale.

Jessica Calloway's sons are the swim team at the Charleston YMCA. She says she doesn't know their BMI because they rarely get on the scale. But she said she believes they are healthy and fit. She said she would be opposed to their school ever sending a letter home addressing their weight.

"I think you need to take them to the doctor and the doctor needs to know how active they are and what is going on in their lives to judge whether or not they are healthy," Calloway said.

Trainer Brandon Walters said words like obese or overweight can be taboo or hurtful. But he said parents need to take action if their children end up in that category.

"They think that is such a bad thing when you hear the word but a bell should be going off in your head," Walters said.

To learn ways other than the body mass index to determine your child's health follow the links.

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