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Making a fire escape plan with your family easy but important

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If there is ever a fire at your house it is important to have at least two ways to escape. Firefighters say it is also crucial to review the plan frequently with your children.

Lori Winslow says her children are adults now, but when they were younger she often went over what they should do if their home ever caught fire.

"The plan was that the oldest would go for her window because it was just a small drop," Winslow explained. "The back bedroom where my son was and he had a two story drop. The plan was that I was going to get him."

Third grade students from Charleston and schools throughout Kanawha County frequently visit Safety City in North Charleston to learn how to escape a fire. A small house helps them learn what to look for and how to get out. Simulated smoke fills a room, setting off a smoke detector. Kids are then able to crawl in the floor and check their first option of escape. Usually that is the door. But they are asked to pretend that the door is hot, which means they should not take that route. They can then crawl out a window, down a ladder and to their meeting place outside.

Students also learn about fire safety and how to prevent fires before they happen.

To learn more about making an escape plan for your family follow the links provided.


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