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How to brush up on your tennis skills and get a workout during winter weather

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Instructors at the Charleston Family YMCA said playing indoor tennis is a good way to warm up your skills and get a good workout.

"You get away from the wind and rain, and with days like today, with the weather a little cooler, it's just nice to be inside where it's warm," said instructor Tim Sylvester.

He said the game is a lot different on the indoor tennis courts.

"It seems like the balls move much faster inside, in here you don't have excuses like the sun and the wind."

He talked about the benefits of playing tennis.

"Tennis is a life long sport, it's healthy, there was a guy in a tournament this past weekend that was 74-years-old I believe, still playing," said Sylvester.

When it comes to stretching before playing, Sylvester said it's important to get warmed up.

"Just make sure you get a good warm up, jog around and stretch out your arms and legs, because you're going to use muscles you've probably never used before when you play tennis."

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