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Finding A Family: Linda's Story

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Linda, 9, is getting the "inside scoop" at Coldstone Creamery, in downtown Morgantown. She gets a behind-the-scenes, hands-on lesson on how to make the goods.

"It's cold in here!" While chilling out in the Coldstone freezer, we get to know Linda. She's in 3rd grade and likes math and science.

Besides an ice cream maker, she does have other plans. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked her. "A teacher," she said.

Linda loves shopping and cheerleading, and said she falls into the "girly girl" category. Her favorite singer? Justin Bieber. And her favorite color? Hot pink.

Linda loves watching old TV shows, like "Lassie" and "Leave It To Beaver". But the one thing she doesn't like, in fact, you can pretty much say she hates, is beans!

"Nasty!" she said, as she crinkled her nose.

As Linda learns to make a homemade waffle cone, she tells us about her love of animals. "Describe your perfect family to me." I asked. "They'd have animals, maybe little kids, littler than me," she said. "So you want to be the big sister?" I asked. "Yeah."

Linda said she'd love to live on a farm where she could take care of the animals. And being near a Coldstone wouldn't be a bad thing, either!

Her finished masterpiece: Reese's Pieces and Gummy Bears, mixed with mint and chocolate in a chocolate waffle cone, topped with what else? Hot pink sprinkles.

If you're interested in adopting Linda, or any child in the Mountain State, call Mission West Virginia at 866-CALL MWV or you can email at

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