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Mini meth lab discovered, tenants evicted, neighbors rejoice

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Police responded to Unit #30 at Lawrence Commons Apartments in South Point, where neighbors say someone was unresponsive on Thursday night.

Soon after their arrival, a shake-and-bake meth lab was discovered.

"Everybody was outside, and I got the stinkiest odor that went in my nose. It was horrible," says Brittany Page, who lives across the lot from Unit #30.

Several people were evicted from Units #30 and #12.

They are believed to be involved in a small meth operation.

A 13-year-old girl was rescued, and is now living with other relatives.

"She has to experience that on a daily basis," says neighbor, Angela Bailey. "And I look at that little girl like a little sister to me, and I'd do anything for her. I'm just glad she got out of it."

Neighbors tell us they are glad the small, but dangerous, meth operation was broken up this way, because management cannot just search a unit on a whim.

If managers of a public housing complex like this one want to conduct a search, they have to give tenants a 24-hour notice.

If neighbors call police to alert them to a situation, upon arrival, police might find something, which is exactly what happened.

"Everybody knows everybody. It's just there's certain people here that we know not to associate with," says neighbor, Cyntha Dean. "Meth, cocaine, heroin, stuff like that - I prefer not to even be around it. I don't want that around my kids. I don't want that around my neighbors."

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