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St. Albans woman arrested after horse starves to death

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A woman was charged with animal cruelty after one of her horses died of starvation, according to a criminal complaint obtained from Kanawha County magistrate court.

Deputies arrested Anita Weber, of Saint Albans, on Wednesday.

Veterinarian Dr. Clara Mason said a horse belonging to Weber and her husband, Arthur Weber, died due to starvation, according to the complaint. Mason noted that another horse in the couple's care appeared to be 300 pounds underweight. The surviving horse was taken away to a stable.

Anita Weber was arraigned on Wednesday evening. A warrant is out for Arthur Weber's arrest.

13NEWS spoke with the horses' former owners, Tina Fisher. Fisher sold the horses, Ginger and Hope, to the Weber family. She said she fails to understand why the horses starved.

"The husband has a very good job," Fisher said. "It's not like they couldn't afford it. They had hay in the barn. It was pure laziness."

Fisher said Ginger, the horse that died, had a special relationship with her mother, who has since passed away. That's why she said hearing about the horses' conditions tears her apart.

"When she couldn't walk anymore I was able to bring her out to the barn," Fisher said. "Ginger was the very last horse she was able to put her hands on or ever even kissed on the nose. She got to say goodbye to Ginger." 

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