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WORKING FOR YOU: Throwing the punches

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A course is spreading around our area with one goal in mind: escape rape. Starting Thursday, the University of Charleston is offering the class not just to students, but to women everywhere.

13NEWS reporter Alanna Autler was invited to be in the first class at the University of Charleston.

It's called RAD. It stands for rape, aggression, and defense. More than 10,000 people across the country are certified to teach it to women.

University of Charleston campus security officer Don Moore just returned from training at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Instructors must spend a week at the site receiving certification.

The class, which is also taught by officers at Marshall University and Hurricane Police Department, is geared solely towards women.

"There's this perception in our society that women are weak," Moore said. "But you're really strong, and this program shows you your strengths."

The course lasts nine hours and covers the basics of punching, blocking punches, stances, and kicking. Sophomore Rebecca Hansborough took the class for a reason. Her mother was sexually assaulted.

"He sexually assaulted her in a parking lot and put a gun to her back," Hansborough, 19, said. "And I feel if she attended a class like this, it would have never happened."

Freshman Makenzie Hamrick said she wants to level the playing field between men and women.

"Boys grow up fighting each other. Girls don't," said Hamrick, 18. "So I think it's important women learn how to defend themselves."

If someone wants to attack you he will, but if we stand our ground, at least can put up a fight.

"My mother's older now, but I might teach her these moves because you never know," Hansborough said.

If you're interested in taking a RAD class, call the University of Charleston Security Office at 304-357-4857.

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