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Outbreak spotlights safety of compounded medication

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Compounded or "customized" medication can be just the thing your or your child needs to fix a health issue, patients like John Casto.

"There's always that special formula or mixture because you can't swallow a pill or take a mixture that you need to have," said Casto.

"This lollipop is actually a compound medication popular with pregnant women, it's a remedy for morning sickness," I said.

The industry is coming under fire for safety.

Recently, contaminated medicine at a compounding center in New England led to dozens of deaths across the country.

The owner of a local compounding pharmacy, Loop Pharmacy and Home Medical, said he's enraged by what happened.

"They created a problem and a risk to patients that was unbelievable, yes I am very angry about that," said Bill McFarland.

Bill McFarland said it's a great industry that got into the wrong hands.

"Those of us who follow those regulations and do everything according to the way they should be done for the safety of the people," said McFarland.

Some groups and lawmakers are looking into more regulations on the industry.

McFarland said his business is monitored on several levels, state and federal.

"So you're saying what happened in New England could never happen here?" I asked.

"I'm telling you could never happen here," he replied.

McFarland and people like John Casto depend on these medications in their every day lives.

They hope these pharmacies are here to stay.

All compounding pharmacies have to follow Federal FDA guidelines.

An inspector for the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy said they do inspect compounding pharmacies the same way they do traditional ones.

The inspector said lawmakers are talking about creating more specific guidelines for compounding pharmacies in the future.

Loop Pharmacy is an accredited compounding pharmacy, which gives them an extra level of regulation.

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