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Earthquake reported in Braxton County, W. Va.

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Several Braxton County residents called 911 after feeling what they thought was an earthquake.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a magnitude 2.7 quake hit 9 miles from Sutton, W.Va.

"I was standing in my bedroom close to 10am this morning and the house started shaking and rocking it scared me thought my house was gonna collapse," said Genelda Brown, of Frametown, W.Va.

Tracey Taylor, of Gassaway, said: "I was sitting on my bed reading the Sunday newspaper when my whole house shook the bed shook and it scared me and my dog... My neighbors even came out of their houses to see what it was. Some reported a loud boom. I didn't hear a loud boom I just felt the tremor."

While at this point there is no certainty about what caused this quake, underground wastewater injection has been previously linked to tremors in Braxton County. In fact, according to a January 2012 article written by Pam Kasey of The State Journal, earthquakes caused by injection have been registered as high as magnitude 5.0.

According to the article: "A series of eight smaller tremors in 2010 near a Chesapeake Appalachia injection well in Braxton County subsided when the company agreed, in cooperation with DEP, to scale back its injections from the permitted 2,100 pounds per square inch. Chesapeake has since been able to gradually ramp its injections back up to the permitted level without incident."

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