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Second suspect arrested in connection with Pinch home invasions, victim and neighbors react

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A second suspect turned himself into Kanawha County Deputies in connection with two home invasions in Pinch.  

21-year-old Casey Givens arrived at the Sheriff's Office around 9 a.m. Wednesday.  

Givens is being charged with first degree robbery, attempted first degree robbery, and two counts of nighttime burglary.  

He is being held at Southcentral Regional Jail on a $25,000 cash-only bond.  

Neighbors said they feel some relief Wednesday.  This a little over a week after Aaron Chapman was charged in the same crimes.  

"I'll never go back to being normal, but it's a relief to know that now, both people are where they need to be," said Pinch resident, and victim of one of the home invasions, Frank Mace.  "The more we can do to make sure that justice is served, the better our town and our community will be," he said.  

Mace is on a mission to make Pinch a better place, and he isn't alone.  Many in the community are backing him, and they're making their voices known.

William Chambers was born and raised in Pinch.  He said, "Quiet is not going to happen here in Pinch.  The community is banding together with the State Police and the Sheriff's Department.  We're going to fight this."

According to the criminal complaint, in the afternoon of February 28, Kanawha County deputies responded to a home on Church Road in Pinch, after receiving a 911 call.


A 74-year-old woman was found in the home, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The woman is still in the hospital, recovering from several rib fractures, a fractured clavicle, fractured vertebrae, a facial fracture, two punctured lungs, and a subdural hematoma. 

Deputies stated in the complaint that there was evidence of a robbery.  The home had bloodstain patterns, broken furniture, and open jewelry boxes throughout.  

A stove in the kitchen was turned over and the knobs were placed in the on position.  However, when it was overturned, the stove's plug came out of the wall.  Deputies said the stove was functioning when plugged back into a power source.

A search of the victim's home revealed a black metal crowbar in the living room.  One cloth glove was also spotted by deputies, close to the crowbar.

The complaint goes on to state that while at the residence on Church Road, the deputies on scene learned of another home invasion on Mace Street, at the home of Frank Mace.    His home is located in close proximity to the home on Church Road.

Mace called 911 at 12:41 that same morning for similar crimes.

Mace stated that two men knocked on his door and when he attempted to answer it, they tried to force themselves inside.  Mace then attempted to shut the door, and received a laceration on his head as a result.

Mace said the men were wearing face coverings and had a crowbar. 

The men then left, a broke a window in Mace's home and damaged his vehicle.  Mace's injury required suturing and medical treatment. 

Furthermore, the complain states that a bloodhound was brought to the scene for tracking.  The bloodhound was given the scent of the glove found at the scene.  The dog lead police directly to Mace's home, and then to Aaron Chapman's home, and then to the residence of Seth Gregg.

Both Gregg and Chapman live in very close proximity to Mace, on Mace Street.

Gregg, according to the complain, provided a statement to deputies.  

Gregg said he was there when Chapman and Givens were drinking and using marijuana on the evening of February 27.  

Gregg stated the two were talking about breaking into homes in the area, and specifically talked about breaking into Mace's home.  Gregg described the crowbar used in the incidents, that it was black, and about two feet long.

Gregg said Chapman and Givens were wearing dark clothing and covered their faces.  Gregg could see that Mace had returned home from his home, told Chapman and Givens, but the complaint states that they just looked at him and left his residence.  

Gregg added that he had a conversation with Chapman and asked if he was the one who beat the elderly woman.  Gregg said that Chapman said it was Givens who caused the injuries. 

Chapman is being charged with attempted first degree robbery, first degree robbery, and two counts of nighttime burglary.  

He is being held at SouthCentral Regional Jail on a $75,000 cash-only bond.

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