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Law enforcement families, the heart behind the badge

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Bravery and strength, two traits that are expected from our men and women in uniform but many officers say these traits are just as pronounced when it comes to their families.

"You try not to think about exactly what they do everyday or you'll drive yourself crazy," Danielle Cummings said.

Cummings belongs to a sisterhood that's been forged in fear.

"It's extremely scary," she said. "There's nobody that can understand what it's like to be married to a police officer other than another wife."

Cummings' husband is a deputy with the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department, a job in which danger, daring and even death are daily realities.

"There's never a point in time that I feel 100 percent when he walks out the door that I know he's going to be coming back," she said.

It's an uncertainty Cummings says is also felt by her 9 year old son.

"A police officer's child has stress that no other children have," she said.

Cummings says the bond shared by the families of law enforcement officers is so strong that they refer to one another as their 'blood in blue' and because of that she says, when one is hit by a loss the pain is shared by them all.

"My husband went to work last night and when he left I was crying," Cummings said, her fear ignited by the news of the murder of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum.

"I'm extremely sorry for their loss," she said.  "We pray all the time for the family that's blood in blue."

Cummings says its the husbands, wives and children that are the heart behind the badge, sacrificing their own security to ensure the rest of ours.

"I think they can't do it if they don't have that support from their children and their spouses," Cummings said.  "It would be a hard job to do without having a support system."

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