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'Operation Chain Reaction' targets distracted driving in WV

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Law enforcement from across West Virginia is stepping up efforts to combat distracted driving. They launched "Operation Chain Reaction" on Monday afternoon.

The project is an enforcement initiative funded by federal grant money. Troopers will be on the roadways in an attempt to identify distracted drivers.

While this will include a crackdown on texting while driving and talking on cell phones while driving, "Operation Chain Reaction" will also target other activities. Distracted driving can also: putting on makeup, shaving, reading a paper, and eating.

Using a cellular phone while driving a motor vehicle becomes a primary offense in West Virginia on July 1, 2013.

Officers will be targeting specific roadways as part of the enforcement effort.

The name "Operation Chain Reaction" was submitted to the West Virginia State Police by the Winfield High School Marketing Class. The project's slogan is: Start a Chain Reaction, Eliminate Distraction!

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