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Some think new gadget could be a danger behind the wheel

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It's what some are calling the next wave of technology..

Google Glass is basically like wearing a computer on your face.

"I think it sounds interesting, anytime you can obtain more information that's always a great thing," said Christine Blevins.

These smart glasses have a tiny display that sits just above your eye line, you glance up to see it.

The smart glasses have a camera, microphone and reportedly GPS. They work by voice control.

"Even though they aren't available to buy right now, one West Virginia lawmaker already proposed a bill that would ban drivers from wearing Google Glass while driving."

Drivers I spoke with compared it to using your phone while driving.

"For me, that scares me, I don't think I could do that, I don't text and drive," said Blevins.

"They don't really sound safe for driving, if you can't even do a telephone and that's not even looking ahead, that's listening, I can see how the glasses would be extremely distracting," said Ann Morrison.

When it comes to enforcing such a law.

"It'll be hard to enforce because they still can't even enforce the texting and driving," said Blevins.

The proposed bill to make wearing the glasses illegal while driving failed this year.

Google sent us this statement saying "We are putting a lot of thought into the design of Glass because new technologies always raise new issues. We actually believe there is tremendous potential to improve safety on our roads and reduce accidents. As always, feedback is welcome."

There's no official release date, but some officials with the company say Google Glass could be out by the end of this year, or early 2014.

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