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Teacher charged with battery after assaulting student in classroom

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A teacher is arrested for assault after pushing a student's head onto a concrete floor, causing him to bleed.

According to a criminal complaint, a student at The Damous Center was ordered to the front of his classroom on the afternoon of February 22nd. The student was told to "do as many pushups as he could" as punishment for being disruptive in class.

When the student got too tired to continue, his teacher, Leonard Harris, of Charleston, put his hand on the back of the victim's head, pushed it forward into the concrete, causing his nose to bleed.

The victim's mother spoke to the principal over the phone the next morning, and was told he "would look into the incident to see what had occurred in the classroom." The principal then called the victim's mother back that evening, and said upon reviewing surveillance footage, "the alleged events appeared to be true."

Law enforcement later reviewed the footage and saw Harris "smack the victim on the arm, resulting in the victim crying loudly and screaming," then "made to perform pushups next to the desk," and finally, after getting upset, Harris "grabs the victim by the back of the head or neck and pushes his face into the floor, which caused his nose to bleed."

Harris is charged with battery.

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