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Social media sites making it harder to fight crime

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Facebook and Twitter are giving police access to more information than ever before, but do the sites work against their efforts too?

"Actually we really call it a buddy alert really, I message people, if we drive through the check points we let everybody know," said Davon Fields.

Davon Fields says he uses his accounts to alert his friends if he sees police cracking down on crime.

Charleston Investigators say when it comes to operations including alcohol stings -word spreads fast with the help of social media.

"It's hard to keep it under wraps once you've made an arrest," said Lt. Steve Cooper.

"I've got so many friends, if I post something about the police on Facebook, everybody knows," said Davon Fields.

Lt. Steve Cooper says there's not much they can do prevent word from getting around.

"The nature of our business is to act quickly, so hopefully if we can act quickly and information is coming into us quickly enough, we can catch a suspect," said Lt. Cooper.

Even though social media can make it more difficult to stop crime, he says access to information on Facebook and Twitter is helping police solve crime too.

DUI checkpoints are public information in West Virginia but police say word about them spreads quickly now, with the help of social media.



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