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West Logan animal rescue group converts building into dog shelter

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Shelter workers are awaiting results about a distemper outbreak at the Logan County Animal Shelter, according to County Administrator Rosco Adkins.

Earlier in the week, several dogs tested positive for kennel cough, prompting workers to sanitize and "scrub down" the shelter, Adkins said.

"We are doing our best to save these animals," said Adkins.

He explained that the dogs were not transported to another location for an extended period of time because a state veterinarian said it was unnecessary.

The dogs were put in an outside holding area while workers cleaned the premises, Adkins said.

Logan County Commissioner Danny Godby confirmed that workers put down at least eight dogs within the past month after testing positive for parvo.

Godby and Adkins said they both hope to open a new shelter in the nearby future in spite of past delays.


One organization is trying to save dogs they believe are in danger of dying.

The rescue group, Save Animals From Euthanasia, has received letters from several local veterinarians expressing concerns over dogs from the Logan County Animal Shelter.

The veterinarians wrote these dogs had tested positive for several diseases, including distemper.

Now volunteers of S.A.F.E. said they are awaiting a test that will determine if the distemper originated at the pound.

Calls made to the Logan County Animal Shelter were not answered.

Thanks to donations from a local car dealership, S.A.F.E volunteers converted a building in West Logan into a makeshift shelter to house the animals temporarily while the pound gets properly cleaned and sanitized. Distemper is highly contagious among dogs.

They raised more than $600 to buy food, cages, and other supplies for nearly 40 animals, according to co-director Michelle Starr.

"Everywhere we turn, somebody is trying to stop us," said Stacy Bradshaw, the co-director of S.A.F.E. "All we want is for every animal in Logan to be safe and in a new home or into rescue or wherever we can get them to."

Volunteers said they were told by county leaders the dogs could not be brought to their building for various reasons.

Starr and Bradshaw said they hope county leaders change their mind and bring the dogs to the building.

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