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Mingo Sheriff Eugene Crum's war on drugs wages on

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"People are  still in disbelief and they're mourning the loss," Williamson Police Department chief Dave Rockel said.

The flags outside of the Mingo County Courthouse that fly at half-staff nearly three weeks after the murder of Sheriff Eugene Crum show that the community is still reeling from his loss.

Crum made it his mission it was to rid his region of drugs.  Community members wondered if Crum's war on drugs would continue in his absence.

12 drug arrests made on Thursday show that area war on drugs wages on. 

"We have many more indictments pending, they're coming." Rockel said.  "He wanted it zero-tolerance, so we're going to do our best to do what we can."

Williamson PD Chief  and Drug Task Force Commander Dave Rockel says he hopes the arrests send a message to the community.

"We're going to continue his fight for him," Rockel said.  "He's not here, he's with us in spirit, but we're going to continue his fight."

Law enforcement from the Williamson Police Department and Mingo County Sheriff's Office are working to educate community members about the drugs out there so that they too, can join in on the fight against drugs.

Rockel says with an aware community and law enforcement up to the task, he's sure Sheriff Crum's legacy lives on.

"In the words of Eugene Crum, our former sheriff, 'If you're dealing drugs, we will be knocking on your door,'" Rockel said.

The 12 arrested on Thursday include Faron Cline, James Crabtree, Amanda Dempsey, Jimmy Diamond, Lawrence Ellis, Bradley Lawson, Daniel Martin, Donald West, Chad Alley, Janet Berry, Bruce Bevis and Lawrence Wilkerson.

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