MU faculty senate votes "no confidence" in president, Dr. Kopp


Nearly 300 faculty members agree with a motion that expresses no confidence in Marshall University President, Stephen Kopp.

Faculty and students have been vocal after Dr. Kopp swept several accounts down to $5,000, putting the money into one account to handle Marshall's most pressing money problems.

Dr. Kopp says he did this to help make up for state funding cuts totaling $5.1 million.

Within days of that decision, Dr. Kopp apologized, and reversed it.

History professor, Dr. Daniel Holbrook, says a larger issue is unresolved, and that leaving faculty and students out of decisions is, unfortunately, part of the culture at Marshall.

"The faculty has learned to keep their head down and do their jobs, and not pay much attention to what's going on," says Dr. Holbrook. "Even when those things affect the faculty in a negative way, and affect our students in a negative way."

Just after we learned about the vote, we received an email from Dr. Kopp stating he's happy to have the support of the Board of Governors, he respects the faculty, and there is more work to be done.

Students like junior, Kara Campbell, says the recent decisions by Dr. Kopp contradict part of Marshall's mission statement: shared governance.

"I think they need to get information from all areas if they want to make a proper decision," says Campbell.

Dr. Holbrook describes the no-confidence vote as a period at the end of a larger sentence.

He says the faculty needed to get a point across, and now that they've been assured they will be consulted before major decisions, the real debate is about to begin.

"If we're interested in shared governance, we need to play our part, and we need to be strong, and active, and vocal about that."

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