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WV man shares story of 150 pound weight loss

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Difficulty getting into shape is not an uncommon theme for most, much less losing 150 pounds. Brandon Perry overcame those odds by working out everyday.

He shares his advice with anyone as he continues to work out at the Charleston YMCA.  Perry looked very different three years ago.

"I cant even recognize myself, I look at it and it amazes me that I used to look like that," said Perry.

Now, Brandon Perry is 150 pounds lighter than he was back then.

"I feel proud and I feel at the same time, I think, what was I doing back then?"

Brandon said he reached a point in his life three years ago when he knew he had to change his habits.

"I said I shouldn't be out of breath walking up the steps of my own house, I knew I had to change something."

Brandon said he reached his goal with a mixture of working out and eating right, not a miracle weight loss plan.

"I would switch off McDonald's, Wendy's, McDonald's, Wendy's, now I cook all my meals at home," he said.

Perry lost around 50 pounds the first year.

He makes new goals everyday for himself, one of them is to inspire others to get healthy.

"I know my mental attitude 3, 4 years ago compared to what it is now and I tell everybody, if I can do this, anybody can do this."

Brandon said getting in shape has also made him realize he has a passion for running,

Perry recently ran his first marathon.

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