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Community reacts after parents arrested on child neglect charges

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A three-year-old little girl in Roane County is recovering from a 15 foot fall out of a second story window at her family's home on Barcutt Road just outside of Spencer.  Now the child's mom and dad are under arrest.

Lucas and Jamie Taylor were arrested and charged with neglect resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to investigators, the child was still on the ground when they arrived at the scene. Court documents said the parents didn't know the little girl had fallen out of the window until they heard one of the other children yelling and then heard the baby crying.

Rose Starcher stays in a house next door with her mother throughout the day.  She said the Taylor family's yard is usually full of toys, bikes and children. That is why she said she was surprised to see the usually happy scene replaced by a sea of emergency vehicles.

"This is a pretty quiet neighborhood around here," Starcher said.

Court documents also said investigators observed child sized finger prints on a second floor window sill indicating that she held on for some time before dropping.  An investigator also noted marks on the side of the house showing that the child tried to catch herself as she fell.

"My kids were never left unattended, especially not in a big house," said Patricia Oplander who was visiting a relative in a house next door to the Taylor family home. "Kids should be watched these days not just unattended. You never leave a child unattended because you never know what they are going to do."

The child complained of lower back pain following the incident but was talking and moving her limbs.

Investigators said the parents initially told first responders they didn't need an ambulance and would drive the child to the hospital in their own vehicle.  According to court documents, Child Protective Services obtained an order to remove four children from the home.

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