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Logan planning to demolish the 54 vacant homes within city limits

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"I wouldn't want to go on vacation to look at run down houses.  That wouldn't be my first choice," said Logan code enforcement officer Ray Perry.  

City officials in Logan want their town to be more like what it once was, but 54 vacant, dilapidated homes in the town makes that goal lofty.

"It'd be great for the community," said one resident.

Perry wants these structures to go.  

A six story warehouse on Cole Street that taking up a city block is in the process of being torn down.  

Perry says it was in bad shape.  "To the point where pieces of it were falling off," said Perry.  "It forced a street closure for some time."

The residential structures are a different story.

Perry says the 54 property owners have all been notified.  He says the city is willing to work with the owners.  

If they do not respond to the time limit the city gives them, the city will put a lean on the property.  Landowners can redeem that lean, or the city of Logan will take over the property.  

Authorities say vacant, condemned homes aren't just a nuisance to look at, they're also hotbeds for illegal activity.  "Unfortunately there's never enough evidence left behind to identify who's been there," said Perry.  

Business owners in town say getting rid of these homes is a start to bringing more people downtown.  "Some customers are afraid to come down certain streets of Logan and that's very unfortunate because those streets are where some of the main businesses are," said Libby Albright, owner of Nu Era Bakery.  

In all, the county of Logan has over 400 dilapidated structures, according to Perry. 


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