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Avoiding abduction, tips from an expert

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Fight or flight, that's the human body's automatic response when faced with danger.  But in situations where flight isn't an option, like when someone is attempting to abduct a person, experts say the most important thing a person can do is attract the attention of others.

"Defense against abduction, that's the basic philosophy of all women's self-defense," University of Charleston officer Don Moore said.

Moore teaches self-defense at the University of Charleston.  He says 90 percent of self defense is awareness.

"The kicking and punching, the defensive techniques, that's only 10 percent,"  Moore said.  "You can avoid most confrontations by being aware of your surroundings."

When confronted by a potential abductor, Moore says your most valuable tool is your voice.

He says, don't scream, yell commands like no, back away and stop

If that doesn't work, Moore says, fight with all your might.

"Fight back 110 percent," he said.  "When you go, go all out because it could mean your life."

It's important that you take every opportunity to escape or draw attention to yourself, even if you find yourself locked in the trunk of a car.

A car without working tail lights immediately gives officers a reason to pull the car over, so find those wires and yank them loose.

Then, try to push or kick out a tail light, so you can reach your arm out and alert other drivers or passersby.

Moore also says that a major tool we're all equipped with but often ignore is our instinct. 
If a situation makes you feel uneasy, its always best to trust your gut and get to a place of safety and security as soon as possible.  Don't worry about being polite when your safety is in question because as Moore said, "Once they get you abducted, you're basically at their mercy."
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