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Suspected shooter appears in court, people in Mingo County want answers

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It's been over a month since the day Sheriff Eugene Crum was shot and killed one block from the Mingo County Courthouse.

People in the small town of Williamson said things have been relatively quiet.  

They say they've had time to grieve their fallen Sheriff.  However, in light of the suspected shooter, Tennis Maynard's, arraignment, they say they're ready for answers.

"Nobody understands," said one person in town.  Another said, "People just don't understand why."  A third said, "All I know is that justice will be done, and justice will prevail."

It was a day no one in Williamson will ever forget.  They say they lost the sheriff they believed would save their town.  

Maynard pleaded not guilty on all charges on Wednesday when he appeared for his arraignment in Cabell County, where he had been hospitalized.  

People who live in Williamson said they're not convinced of Maynard's plea, mainly because Maynard was injured in a shootout with police after he fled the scene of the shooting.  

"I would like to know why he did what he did." said Ronald Reynolds, a Court Marshal in Williamson.  "Why did he take the sheriff's life?  This man had a family, he had a son and a daughter.  He was doing great work in Mingo County."

Joe Verterino lives in the town and works for the county.  "It's a shame we don't have the death penalty in West Virginia.  I'd like to see him the same place Eugene is," he said.  

The people who live here, who grew up here, want to know why this tragedy happened.  Angie Taylor is a personal friend of the Crum family.  She said, "Well, everything has been quiet, but with the arraignment and everything going on, it brings it all back.  Everyone is wondering what's going on."

Reynolds said he has faith in the court system.  "We lost a great sheriff, and I lost a great friend.  The county lost a great man who was doing great things in this county.  So, justice will prevail.  It'll give me a little comfort, but it won't bring the sheriff back," he said.  

Maynard's court date is set for October.  


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