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Hundreds of bikers support family of slain Sheriff of Mingo County

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"I'm very saddened.  I'm lost.  My life has been torn upside down, but I'll get through it with the support of my friends and my family," said Sheriff Rosie Crum of Mingo County.

Crum became interim Sheriff after her husband, Sheriff Eugene Crum, was shot and killed one block from the Mingo County Courthouse on April 3.  

It was the day Sheriff Rosie Crum says she lost the love of her life, the day Mingo County lost the Sheriff who many thought would tackle the drug problem that had taken over their part of southern West Virginia. 

"We lost a good husband, dad, grandpa," said Crum. 

Hundreds of bikers made their way to Williamson to show support for the town, the people who knew Sheriff Crum, and the Crum family.  

"A lot of people get the wrong idea about motorcycle riders and clubs.  A lot of them are out there to do good things, like the benefit rides.  They help a lot of people.  This cause here, it's a great one," said Jimmy "Wormy" Kincaid of Mt. Hope.  

Mike Canterberry came all the way from Beckley to take part in the ride.  "I hate the reason for it, but yes, it's a wonderful cause," he said.  

Many of the motorcycle clubs who took part in the ride Sunday are specifically for retired or active law enforcement or emergency responders.  

They all have messages for Sheriff Crum, for her children, and grandchildren. 

"My deepest prayers and thoughts go out to the Crum family.  Hopefully, they can make it through all this and this can help out," said Paul Parker of Ft. Gay.  

"I'm very sorry for their loss.  Very sorry," said Kincaid.  

Canterberry said, "God bless them.  They're in our prayers and our thoughts.  When something like this happens, there's no way to put into words how you feel.  We pray for them, we hope the best for them."

"If they need anything, I'd be there to help them.  I feel so sorry for them, for their loss.  I just wish it never happened," said another biker.  

And if Sheriff Eugene Crum could see how many people are riding, cooking, donating, and spending time with his wife and family...

"He'd just be so proud," said Crum.  "He loved his county, he loved his job, he loved his people.  He loved his family most of all.  He just wanted to make a better place for everybody to live and to be happy."


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