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Truck hauling pet food crashes on I-77 in Fayette County

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An experienced truck driver said he's lucky to be alive after the unthinkable happened.

He lost control on a portion of the West Virginia Turnpike known for its accidents.

Siva Gnana said he has been driving large trucks for eight years.

Not only that, he said he's familiar with the curvy roads in the state.

"I've been going through this road, almost like, at least once a week for like two years," he said.

No one was more surprised than he was when he lost control of his tractor-trailer on his way to Canada early Thursday morning.

He was hauling dry dog food when he felt the back end start to flip. His brother was also in the truck.

They managed to escape with minor injuries but were shaken up from the experience.

State Police said this two-and-a-half mile stretch of the turnpike near the Fayette and Kanawha County line sees its fair share of accidents.

Driving through, there are big signs with flashing lights warning you to drop your speed. Troopers said not all drivers obey the law.

"The weather could have played a factor in this as well, but 9 times out of 10 this curve here is speed related," said Cpl. Chris Payne.

Gnana said he's managed to avoid a crash like this for almost a decade. He wants to warn other drivers it can happen to them.

"Nobody wants to crash into somebody, and nobody wants to go into the ditch. Everybody tries to be safe, but things like this happen," he said.

The northbound lanes of the turnpike were closed for almost six hours.  All of the pet food in the truck had to be thrown away.


The northbound lane of I-77 near the Mahan area of Fayette County was shut down due to a tractor trailer accident on Thursday.  

The driver lost control just before 7 a.m. and flipped his truck.  He was hauling pet food.

The accident was within a couple miles of the Kanawha County line, where both northbound lanes were shut down for about an hour.

Speed and weather conditions could be factors in the crash, according to State Police.  They said there have been multiple accidents in this area in recent weeks.

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