Report reveals recommendations for safe schools in WV


U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin outlined school safety recommendations during a Charleston conference on Tuesday. The measures come from a report that draws on the West Virginia Safe Schools Summit which was held in February. "This report summarizes the Summit's most critical lessons. It begins with an immediate agenda for West Virginia safe schools: ten things that we must get to work on right now if we want to make our schools safer," Goodwin said. "We owe it to our children and our educators to do everything in our power to keep our schools safe. Anything less is unacceptable," Goodwin continued.

Tyler Spencer will be attending Ritchie County Middle School in the Fall as a sixth grade student. He's already heard a lot from his teachers about safety and what to do if a threat comes into the school. "She talks about if we're going to hide, like where the positions are and stuff like that," said Spencer. Tyler's mother, Mary, likes the fact that she has to be buzzed into the school. "I feel safe every day going to work, knowing that he's taken care of," said Spencer.

Teachers are often on the front lines of school violence. Angela Brown is a substitute teacher in the Wood County school system. "A lot of them (students) come from homes, in my experience, that they're not even safe there. So for them to feel comfortable in the school setting, it makes it so much better. They can relax, they can learn. It's just a better situation," said Brown.

Besides annual active-shooter drills, the report advises shatter-resistant windows and a single and locked entry point. It also recommends anti-bullying programs and a Prevention Resource Officer Corps that can provide active and retired law enforcement and veterans to schools. In all, the report outlines ten recommendations.

West Virginia schools officials are already pursuing such steps.

You can read the entire WV Safe Schools report by clicking on this link. You're also encouraged to provide suggestions about how to improve school safety across West Virginia.

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