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Spencer flood victims clean up and move forward

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Sometimes it takes a community coming together to remember that all the best things in life really are free.

"You really don't know how many friends you have until it all falls apart," said Lisa Coffey.  Her home was destroyed in the Spencer floods that occurred on Thursday.  

Front Street in Spencer runs right along a creek.  The neighbors that live here are the perfect example of people who are banding together to help each other.

Nearly every house that runs along the creek lost everything inside, but the people are in surprisingly good spirits.

"You just have to be, you gotta move on.  You can't just break down and give up," said Donna Miller.  Miller also lost everything.

Miller and her husband watched the creek rise until it got to their front porch.  They are both disabled and had to escape their home through the back, up a steep hill.  

When they were able to get back into their house, everything was flooded.  Family photos, clothing, furniture, all gone.  

The Burgess family lives a couple of houses down.  They, too, lost everything. 

"It  means a lot to me," said 2-year-old Rhiannan Coffey.  "Usually, sometimes, people don't care, they just go on with their lives.  I just feel awesome.  Because I feel like I just get cared about." said Coffey, referring to the help that her family is receiving.  

This is just one street where the devastation was severe, but it's not about the devastation anymore for these neighbors.

It's about moving forward. 

"We couldn't just sit there and be upset about it.  We all have lives to live and we have to go on," said Coffey.

Officials estimate around 100 homes were damaged or lost as a result of Thursday's flooding in Roane County.


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