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Summer camp welcomes Roane County flood victims

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Monday marked the second day of camp at Spring Heights, a nearly 1,000-acre getaway where for one week, kids can forget the outside world.

This year, campers said they want to bring that outside world inside theirs.

"I know we'll be safe here because there are good staff members who know what to do," said camper Bree Moll.

The camp is located in Spencer, where just a few miles away, high water destroyed dozens of homes last week.

That's why Spring Heights leaders decided to open their doors to flood victims, young and old, at absolutely no cost.

"Growing up in Elkins in the mid '80s when we had the flood of '85, I have a special place in my heart for those who have been flood victims," said Heather Withrow, the director of Spring Heights.

Withrow said she wants the children of flood victims - and their families - to have a place to stay if they find their living conditions intolerable.

The campgrounds only sustained minor damages from the storm that passed through last week, allowing staff members to open the camp on schedule Sunday.  High waters washed away much of the archery field and forced horses out of their makeshift pasture, which sits next to a creek.

Their camps include athletic sports, religious studies, rope courses, and horseback riding. Withrow said by offering shelter, she hopes the campers can learn how to help those in need.

"It's been a rich experience for them to see us actively helping flood victims this week," Withrow said.

One couple and a work crew have been staying at Spring Heights.  Campers said they would love to comfort any more people needing help.

"I like talking to people and just meeting all the new people and want to see who's out there," said Bree, 10.

Spring Heights is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, but Withrow said anyone is welcome to attend or seek shelter at their campground.

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