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Police warn of repair man impersonator

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A woman on Huntington's south side had a close encounter with a man who walked right up to the door of the home she was watching and insisted that he had to come inside to fix something, according to police.

"He had said the he was a refrigerator repairman, and he had come to service the refrigerator," says Courtney Arnold, the daughter of the home owner.

The victim, who was house-sitting at the time, says she didn't recognize the man in the red shirt and cargo shorts that showed up in a white van and pitched her the bogus story.

"You don't want this to happen anywhere," says Arnold. "But you definitely don't want it to happen in your neighborhood, and in your parents' home."

Huntington police say if you can afford a small camera to show who's at the door, get one.

They also advise that if it's after-hours, and you're not sure who it is never open the door completely.

Finally, police say, even if you're expecting someone, but you have doubts, ask for ID, or call the company to make sure that person is legitimate.

In this latest case, the suspect just tried to force his way in, as he fed his would-be victim his story.

When she grabbed the phone to call police, he left.

Neighbors say they will be even better prepared if-or-when he returns.

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