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Veteran refuses to leave house despite flooding in Spencer

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Walter Criss survived a world war and more than 8 decades in Roane County.  So at 92 years old, a little water doesn't frighten him.

Apparently, a lot of water doesn't frighten him, either.

"I've lived here 35 years and sweated [floods] out," said Criss, standing on his front porch. "I can always run up the hill."

Criss lives off Market Street in Spencer, a road that finds itself underwater for the second time in one week. Heavy rains caused flooding across Roane County

Criss could care less.  He's not leaving.

"That's what I keep telling the kids," Criss said. "They wanted to take me out of here a long time ago."

Others found themselves stuck on the other side of Market Street, trying to get back to the homes they just saw destroyed.

"We lost everything," said Roger Mills, of Spencer. "Clothes, furniture. You name it, we lost it. Ain't much I can do, just gotta wait and see what happens."

Frustration bubbled in those who never finished cleaning up the mess from last week.

"You can't get in down there," said Eddie Oral, of Spencer. "If they'd ever clean the creek up, it wouldn't happen."

As for Criss, he's staying put--come hell, high water, or both.

"I've already spent my time here," Criss said. "I'll just wait it out."

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