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Swimmers, boaters urged to take caution at Sutton Lake

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Swimmers and boaters should take caution at Sutton Lake, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Officials said a bloom of blue-green algae is capable of producing toxins that could be dangerous to children and animals.

Swimming at the South Abutment Beach is not allowed, but the beach and its facilities are open to the public. Caution posters have been posted at all access points to the lake. The symptoms of these toxins range from rashes and hay-fever-like symptoms to vomiting, diarrhea, and breathing problems.

The Corps issued a statement, outlining its plans to increase the outflow at Sutton Dam late Friday morning to figure out if the releases can stem the growth of the algae in the lake.

Blooms have not been reported at the Bee Run Beach but are present upstream and downstream of the beach. People can continue to use this beach but warning signs have been posted about the potential risk.

Sutton Lake park rangers are working with the local health department and the Department of Natural Resources to monitor water quality at the lake and keep boaters and swimmers informed of the possible risks.

Avoid contact with any waters or scum that may have an odd green/white or sometimes blue or brown color or unusual odor. Please report possible algal bloom sighting or fish kills to the local U. S. Army Corps of Engineers office at 304-399-5353 or 304-360-5757.

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