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Cashing in on unclaimed property

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You can find items including cameras and cash for sale on the West Virginia State Treasurer's website as unclaimed property.

"I think they could find a really good deal, not unlike any online auction," said Mike Comer.

When cops bust thieves with stolen property, it becomes evidence. When it is no longer needed and the rightful owner can't be found, sometimes law enforcement agencies hand it over to the state as unclaimed property.

"A whole range of stuff, four wheeler comes to mind, lawn mowers, weed eaters come to mind, a whole range of property comes to mind," said Comer.

Mike Comer works with unclaimed property in the State Treasurer's Office.

He said you wouldn't believe how much unclaimed property they have.

Once the state receives property, they usually sell it in an online auction.

Law enforcement also has the option to use old evidence around their departments, or they can donate property to charity.

Comer used to work in law enforcement, so he's been on both sides of evidence.

"We've got a lot of property that's gathering dust in evidence rooms, and if those communities can enjoy the value of that property, then we think that's a good thing."

Once unclaimed property is sold, some of the proceeds go into the general fund for the state.

The State Treasurer's Office gets unclaimed property from many other places including insurance companies and banks.

To use the online auction, visit: and click on the online auction link.

In see how the state of Kentucky is selling their unclaimed property, visit:

We could not find a similar program in Ohio.

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