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Charleston man shares weight loss secrets

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Joshua Hill has a passion for working out, but a few years ago, he was a very different person.

"I used to be very heavy, around 340 pounds.  About 4 or 5 years ago, I decided I didn't want to be that big anymore," said Hill.

Hill said he reached a point in his life where he knew he had to change.

He found the will and that led to a 125 pound weight loss.

"When you're heavy like that, you don't feel good about yourself, so that first initial determination is the most important thing," said Hill.

Josh said he lost the weight by working out, but he said the most important thing was changing his eating habits.

Joshua takes eating healthy to the next level, he is completely vegan.

"It's hard, but it keeps you healthy and strong."

Now Joshua shares his experience with others, like his clients.  He is a trainer at the Charleston YMCA.

He also wants other people to know it is possible to change your life.

"You see the results and you see that you're getting stronger, that gives you the fortitude to say, I am doing the right thing."'

Hill has recently taken his passion to new heights, he's been lifting weights and hopes to take it to the competitive level.

I asked him if he's reached his goal, he said he doesn't have ONE goal, because he raises the bar every day.

If you want to lose weight, Joshua recommends beginning a workout routine by walking.

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