Tobacco ban now in effect at Marshall University


Marshall University's smoking ban went into effect on Monday, July 1. The ban on all tobacco products applies to all property owned or controlled by the university.

The Board of Governors approved the policy June 11. It covers faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors. "I'm actually glad that there is a tobacco ban. I'm not a smoker and I don't really like walking around campus behind somebody who is smoking and breathing in the smoke that they're letting in the air," said Briana Wayland, a senior at Marshall University.

The only exceptions are for special events that draw large numbers of off-campus visitors. Those will be exempted on a case-by-case basis by the administration. But smoking will still be limited to outdoor areas. "Personally I disagree with it basically for the fact that we're all adults. So we should have the choice to be able to do what we want. I mean this is an adult environment. It's not like we're in high school again or even grade school or middle school, so you know being adults I feel we should be able to smoke pretty much anywhere as long as it's not indoors," said Stephen Foster, a freshman at Marshall University.

The policy also bans the advertising, sale or free sampling of tobacco products.

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