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New cell phone alert sounds off in Kanawha County

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Many people in Kanawha County were alerted by their cell phones Monday night.

It is an alert known as a Wireless Emergency Alert, or WEA.

You may have  received one Monday if you live in Kanawha County because of a Flash Flood Warning in the area.

According the FCC's website, they are government-issued alerts sent out by your location.

They are used to notify you about emergencies in your area.

The alerts may be issued by the president, warnings about threats to your safety, and Amber Alerts.

You may have heard the alert Monday night for the first time, because the technology is just being implemented in parts of West Virginia.

You may not have received the alert, depending on the model of your phone.

You can contact your local cell phone carrier if you have any questions about the alerts.

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