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Fallen tree leaves Charleston neighborhood 'buzzing'

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A tree that fell on some power lines caused quite the buzz in Charleston on Thursday, July 4. It knocked power to a house on Springdale Drive.

When AEP crews came to check it out, bees were swarming around a gigantic honey bee hive. Half of it was on the street and the other half remained about 40 feet up in the tree.

The Charleston Fire Department called in a firefighter and beekeeping hobbyist to help. Brent Kessler removed several pounds of hive and bees. He said it was a great opportunity to use his hobby to help at work. "It's our responsibility to nature, to the city and fire department, to save as many as we could and we will go and put what bees we have in a hive," said Kessler.

Firefighters removed the hive but warn that the bees will be returning to the area for a couple of days.

They also said that they haven't seen a call like this one before and was definitely a learning experience.

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