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Neighbors banding together after reports of suspicious activity in Teays Valley

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"Our neighborhood is armed and we will use them to protect our lives and our homes," said a neighbor who lives in Teays Valley. 

At first glace, her street in Teays Valley is like any other in our region.  

But there's more to this neighborhood than what meets the eye.  Sunday night they noticed what they called, "suspicious activity," so they dialed 911.

Mike Cross said two young men walked up to his front door at 7:30 in the evening, asking if he had any odd jobs for them to do.

He said no and they moved along, but that isn't what raised his suspicions. 

"What caught my attention was that they were stopping and taking pictures of the homes when nobody was home," said Cross. 

Sherry Taylor lives on the street as well.  She said, "It is scary, because it's a violation of your privacy.  You wonder what they're up to."

Cross watched the men take photos of Taylor's home.  She said she's willing to protect her property.  In fact, all of these neighbors said they're armed.

Taylor said, "If you're going to come in my home, if you're going to put my family in danger, you just have to be able to protect yourself, and that's very sad this day and time."

"I will protect my family.  Whatever it takes," said Cross.

Cross called 911, and a deputy from the Putnam County Sheriff's Department responded.  

His advice?  Watch out for your neighbors, and report any suspicious activity.  That's just what this community plans on doing.

"People pray on older people and there are lots of older people in this neighborhood.  We have to look out for one another," said Cross.

Taylor said, "We're looking out for each other." 


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