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Community waits, watches as flood waters rise in Sissonville

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"To me, it was terrifying," said 11 year-old Sophia Pratt of Pinch, West Virginia.  

Pratt was watching the flood waters rise around her mother's friend's home on Lotus Drive in Sissonville Friday night.

She, along with an entire community there were watching, from a safe distance.  

The neighbors who live on Lotus Drive say they're definitely no strangers to flooding, but they haven't seen water this high in years.

"It's scary," said Tiffany Lattea.  "There's really nothing you can do.  Just get everything you can save and stand back and see what happens."

And that's the hardest part, according to these neighbors.  

Pratt said, "I think I'm going to lose my aunt's car, because it's over the hood."

Lattea says it took no time at all for the water to rise to dangerous levels.  "It rose pretty fast," she said.  "Within a couple of minutes.  I had kittens under the house, we had to go and get them."

C. W. Sigmon is the Kanawha County Deputy Emergency Manager.  

He said, "What's great about these people in Sissonville is that these guys are trained in water rescue, they made the appropriate decision.  The folks were not in immediate danger.  They took the appropriate action, didn't put anyone in harm's way."

On the forefront of everyone minds was what might be lost in the flood.  "Really, our house getting washed away.  Water is so strong.  It can happen to anybody.  It's really dangerous," said Lattea. 

It's too early to total up the damage on Lotus Drive, but families say they hope the water goes down as fast as it went up. 
Fire department officials encourage everyone driving during storms to not drive over high water on roadways.

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