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The ups and downs of online shopping

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Online shopping has changed the game when it comes to retail.

Web sites like allow you to see items and compare prices at different stores.

We found items at half the cost, and we didn't have to go store-to-store.

John Deskins is the Director of Business and Economic Research at West Virginia University.

He said consumers get major perks from shopping online.

"It gives consumers a lot more information, a lot more options, it forces businesses to compete more vigorously," said Deskins.

Deskins said there are some downsides to shopping online.

In some cases, states miss out on sales tax because of online shopping.

Deskins also said small businesses face new competition because of online deals.

"They may face higher costs because they have to keep a physical brick and mortar location."

Deskins thinks there are some perks of shopping in person. One positive is getting a close-up look at what you are buying.

"Sometimes people feel like they can't asses the qualities and characteristics of an item unless they see it in person, especially clothes," said Deskins.

He thinks people will continue to balance shopping online and in person.

Deskins said online options are creating more competition and generating more information. Two things that are helping you shop smart.

Here is a link to a site that allows you to compare prices at different stores:


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