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Federal investigators and Fire Marshals remove boxes from Logan building

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Law enforcement vehicles crowded a busy street in downtown Logan as investigators removed boxes from a building.

There are still several unanswered questions about what was going on Thursday morning on Dingess Street. None of the agencies involved in the activity said much of anything about what was going on.

But the sight of all of the law enforcement vehicles in town had people talking.

"They come in this building right here," Otis Spaulding said pointing to door on Dingess Street. He was in the area Thursday morning and saw what was happening.

A West Virginia State Trooper had stood outside of the door earlier in the day. A woman wearing a shirt that said Federal Agent also stood among a sea of law enforcement vehicles. Investigators from the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's office were also on the scene.

13 News contacted the West Virginia State Police and the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's office. Both agencies directed all question to the office of the United State's Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia. That office would not provide any details about what was happening in Logan Thursday.

"You never know what is going on when you see that many law officers in the area," Spaulding said. "They've got traffic stopped and everything to a halt and there is a big crew of them hanging out here and they are packing files and everything out of the building. It makes you think."

There are three office fronts at the top of the stairs in the building where witnesses reported the activity. None of the law enforcement or investigating agencies that were present would say which office was involved in Thursday's activity.

People who live in the area said they believe the activity Thursday could be related to some suspicious fires in and around Logan in the past several months.

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