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Parents teach children traffic safety to prepare for start of school

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As the start of another school year gets closer many parents are giving their children a refresher course on how to cross the road.

That information can be important for children that walk to school or have to walk to their bus stop.

Wednesday Emilido Lugo was walking through St. Albans with his family. He will soon start second grade. He demonstrated how he looks both ways before crossing the road.

"If there is a car coming you stop and you wait for it to pass then you walk," Lugo said.

Amy Polen said she has been practicing road safety with her 4 year old daughter who will start preschool this year.  "I take her to the street and let her cross by herself," Polen said. "She knows her directions: left, right, forward now because of this. I hope to help her be confident and safe enough to cross the street by herself if ever there is an event where she has to."

Some other advice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, check the route your children will walk and try to pick the safest way. Select routes with plenty of room to walk, clearly marked intersections, and a generally crime free and pleasant environment.

For more information on the you neighborhood's "walkability" score, follow the link provided.

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