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Glasgow Councilman's charges dismissed; police say due to "fluke in the system"

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It was a story we broke here on 13 News nearly a month ago.  

As of last Thursday, Glasgow Police had enough evidence to charge Councilman Travis Hager.

His bail was set at $5000, and he was bailed out of South Central Regional Jail following the arrest.  

"A couple of the charges we've got against Councilman Hager are fraudulent schemes, which is a felony charge, and two other misdemeanor charges," said Glasgow Police Chief Jeff Stevens.  

Stevens said they are accusing Hager of dialing into 911 and reporting that his X-Box and a big screen television were stolen.

The charges are fraudulent schemes, filing a false report of an emergency (obstruction), and filing a false report to an officer (obstruction).   

However, Chief Stevens also said witnesses verified that they saw the councilman carrying the electronic equipment away from his home himself.  

The councilman was supposed to be in court on Tuesday for his preliminary hearing.  

Chief Stevens said, "Apparently there was a miscommunication between myself and the Prosecutor's Office, because none of my victims or witnesses got subpoenas."

And in turn, no one showed up to court.

As a result, all of Councilman Hager's charges were dismissed.  Chief Stevens says these mistakes do happen from time to time, but that it is discouraging after a month long investigation. 

He said, "With a case like this, I don't know how it could have happened.  I would have thought that the Prosecutor's Office would have been on this more."

Hager is out of jail, for now.  

Chief Stevens said on Thursday, Glasgow Police are re-filing all of the charges and starting the process again.

Chief Stevens did not comment when I asked if more charges were expected to be filed in addition to those already filed.

I have tried to reach out to Councilman Hager on multiple occasions.

So far, he has not commented.

He has not attended the last two Glasgow Town council meetings, however, Mayor Chuck Armstrong says at this time, he is still a member of the council.


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